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While you may think of horoscopes as little more than the final few pages of a magazine, they go beyond just predicting your success at work or relationship destiny. These astrology experts have analyzed what President Donald Trump’s horoscope says about him — and how his actions since taking office support these traits. Does Trump have two personalities? | Scott Olson/Getty Images According to Astrology Zodiac Signs , Gemini represents “two different personalities in one, and you will never be sure which one you will face.” An analysis of Donald Trump’s Geminis characteristics supported this, calling Gemini the “clever, fast-talking sign,” whose weaknesses include indecisiveness, inconsistency, and an inherent nervousness. Trump’s fast-talking nature and inconsistency go hand-in-hand and, as many reporters have pointed out, have gotten him into trouble with his fellow politicians and his supporters. In the past, he expressed contradicting views on his tax bill , gun regulations , and even reports of controversial remarks he publicly made . Next: It’s no secret Trump is a natural-born leader. Trump is a rule-breaker. | Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images Uranus, a planet which spins opposite of all the others, characteristically defines individualists who naturally rebel against established rules and tradition. “Uranians, like Trump, are here to break rules or tear down systems that have outlived their usefulness.

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